Roseville Public



Public Computers

The Library has computer workstations available for access to the Internet and Microsoft Office. Patrons access the workstations with their library card and PIN. If a patron is not eligible for a library card or declines a traditional library card, they may purchase a guest card that allows them access to the library workstations.

Computer users agree to follow the Computer Resources Use Policy of the Roseville Public Library.

Guest Cards

The cost of a computer guest card is $3.00 for up to 3 hours in one day. If a patron would like more time, they can purchase another card at the Circulation Desk. The guest card is only valid at this library on the day it is purchased.



Wireless Access

We offer wireless access in the library for those patrons with laptops, tablets, or phones equipped with wireless capibility. We do not, however, have wireless printing enabled. For more information please view our WiFi policy.


Black and white printing is available from the public computers at 20¢ per page; print jobs sent to the printer are picked up at the Circulation Desk with your library card. Print charges must be prepaid before the print job is released.

We now offer mobile printing. Click here for more information.